Brocade, at Coimbatore was established in 2001, a family operated business, with 4 decades of expertise
in Ladieswear.

We are a high street fashion retail store known for exquisite ethnic and indo western formal,
casual and bridal fashion apparel, Centrally located at R S Puram, near post office.

Brocade has been making every ocassion, festival and event more special and memorable.

Our valued customers' feedback is the measure of our success.
We're honored to serve what may be the world's most discerning clientele.

Fabulous Product

Your items were a huge success! The brown women’s tee that you did for us with the white USGBC logo was probably our most popular item. I only wish we had one for men as well, as the guys really love this item! Our former chairman of the board liked it so much that he actually bought a women’s for himself!! It was a big success! I was very happy with all the product. You did a great job, and our attendees appreciated the level of sophistication with the merchandise as well as the sustainability component.

Jim Clapes

Nice Product

A just and sustainable world requires mindfulness of what we say, do, think, buy, and use. Buying hemp garments is a radical act. Do it. It makes a huge contribution to a sane and gentler economy and unlike sending money for a cause, you get to feel and see your contribution every day. The way the world sources cotton and cellulose fiber (wood) is killing diverse forms of life. Hemp can replace both. It undermines agribusiness and forest products conglomerates, while supporting small farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Paul Hawken